Tower apartment is popular for residence

Tower apartment is popular for residence

Single-family homes with condominiums and residential condominiums

Whether you have a house with a garden or a newly built condominium or a second-hand condom is good when you acquire a home in your house is a place to get lost. There are merits and demerits, so we will compare them and choose the one with more benefits at home. In the case of a detached house, there are also opinions that land is finally left, so there is merit in that assets can be made. In the case of an apartment there are few parts of land so there is no asset value. This depends on the way of thinking, but in the rural areas there are many single-family vacant houses. With nobody borrowed, the person who lived is unable to dispose of by moving or dying. In that case, even if we say asset value, it is meaningless as it can not be sold. It will not be an asset and will continue to pay tax only.

The essential point is real estate investment, which is a natural fact that you can not sell unless you can sell it. Even at newly-built condominiums, even when demand is high, even if the number of years of construction is large, both sales and rental management generate revenue. Because there is demand in urban areas, it is different from superficial asset value. There is hidden asset value. In terms of the value of the house, it is not whether it is a detached house or a condominium, but it is all whether the location is good and there is demand. It will remain unchanged, the region will be disadvantageous and the city will be advantageous.

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