Tower apartment is popular for residence

Tower apartment is popular for residence

Maisonette type living place

When we say apartment house, rooms are connected and are made to be partitioned, but actually it is a maisonette type and the staircase is in the room. There is no stairway in the room in the residence of an apartment, it is not made that there is a room on the upper or lower floor. However, there are stairs in the room in the maisonette type apartment, so it will be an apartment where you can live as if you live in a detached house.

Maisonette type apartment has rooms on the upper and lower floors, making noise on apartment-specific noise by having the upper room as a child's room. In a condominium, there are many things like noise running around as children run into noise troubles, and in case of noise problems you may have to leave. Also for couple who work together, maisonnet type apartment house is recommended, so if you have room above and below, you will not be concerned about each other even if your bedtime is up if you go home.

Because maisonette type is made like a detached house, it is also recommended for those planning to buy a detached house in the future. You can simulate living in a detached house.

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