Tower apartment is popular for residence

Tower apartment is popular for residence

How to choose a house and my home

The basis in daily life becomes clothing, shelter and living. Among them, the residence becomes the center of important life that costs money. In terms of life goals, buying a home is one of the standard. Because it is expensive shopping, it makes a lot of meaning. It's status, asset value, credit, the mainland of the country's first castle. Even in rent, the proportion of expenses from income depends on the rent of the house etc in the large range. I sometimes think that it will be easier unless there is expenses for the house. When purchasing my home, it is not so if I am released from those troubles. There is also a mortgage loan, and it will also continue to pay long loan for years after that. Fortunately, the loan interest rate is the lowest in history, so that point is advantageous, but it still remains a burden.

So it is also important that ingenuity and life design that can reduce the burden of housing as much as possible. In short, if total payment of the house is reduced, if you spend extraordinarily extensive expense, it will not matter if you try to purchase a home or spend it on lease. By focusing on the real interests to the last, we can make the house an advantageous item to use in daily life. It is a point that planning is made by thinking early on whether the house becomes a burden of life or an item of comfortable life.

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